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egl_glamour's Journal

† Gothic&Lolita Glamour †
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Welcome to Gothic&Lolita Glamour

This community was created in purpose to help & share ideas for lolitas with hair and makeup, the more glamour aspect of the gothic&lolita fashion. {Interested in the more fashion aspect of the style or just want to learn more? These two sites are good examples for information and images: Morbid Outlook and Avant Gauche.} Have you ever been curious how Mana does his makeup, what colours you should dye your hair that will still match your lolita style, wondered how to style your hair when your going to certain tea parties, or even wondered if that pretty shade of lipstick goes with your floral lolita dress? These kinds of questions and thoughts are what the community is based around. Here, please feel free to share tips, give help, post tutorials, and pictures of hair and makeup. We also have alot of interesting posts kept in our growing Memories.

Please take the time to read the rules and guidelines before joining and posting in the community.
Let's keep the topics on hair and makeup only.
Share pictures of hair and makeup based on the gothic and lolita style only.
Let's try and refrain from posts on the fashion {unless wondering if this eyeshadow will match this outfit, etc.}
If you'd like to just post pictures of you dolled up in your favorite makeup and your hair styled, please feel free to do so. The community was made partly just for that.
If your posting more then one photo, please put it under a lj-cut.
No flaming or bashing. Telling people, "Well, I don't think that shade of lipstick looks good with your skin tone, but try this colour ..." Is perfectly fine. But telling people "You can't pull that off, you look horrible, your makeup is all wrong." Will not be tolerated. If this happens and gets out of control, we'll warn you and further ban you if it comes to that point. Come on, be mature.
There is no problems with advertising for other communities, but only if it relates to this one in some way. Otherwise, it must be under a lj-cut.

Now its time to go share glamour tips.

Other Gothic&Lolita Communities:
egl : The main lolita community on livejournal. Based on the fashion of the style for people who love or/and want to learn about it.
egl_beyond : A community based on the lifestyle and hobbies of lolitas.
egl_trades : A community based on trading or/and selling lolita clothing.

If you'd like to add a community to this list, feel free to contact the administator {if you have any questions, feel free to contact her there as well.} Affiliates are more then welcomed, let us know if you have a community you'd like to link with this one.

Administrator: amasquerade.
Moderators: xemox4xevax & mezzopianoooo.

All moderators have the right to tell any member if they are posting or acting in correctly within the community. They also have the right to ban and block members if it comes to that point. If you have any questions of this, then please contact the administrator.