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Introduction and question

Okay, first of all hi my name's Holly and obviously since I'm doing an introduction I'm new to the community :P
And now for my question! I figured since so many people have asked questions on haircuts before, I may as well do the same..

My hair is very thick, naturally a mix of curl, wave, and kinkiness. When straightened, it still whooshes out a bit, but only because it's so thick and there's just so much of it! It's a little bit past shoulder length, and would be even longer if it was actually straight and stuff.
As for color it's pretty much brown, with the faintest of natural blonde highlights, and in certain sunlight it looks red.

Now what's the point of this post, you may ask? Well, I don't know what to DO with it! It's so boring, I'll put it in a half ponytail for the day so it isn't so out there but it's still completely boring. Even when I straighten it it's boring. Complete ponytails make no difference, as I used to wear one every day when I was younger and while low ones look horrid on me high ones don't look that much better. I don't want to cut it, because I'm trying to grow it out and it's short enough as is, but I just want to do something to do -- something different! Any suggestions? A certain color, or certain styles I might be able to toy around with that would work well on my hair? I don't have bangs, so even styles in the bibles wouldn't look quite right (all of those girls have perfectly straight bangs). ..Help?
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