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Hello all, I am _ligaya_, and I most possibly found this community through egl.

I was able to salvage the only surviving magazine my father brought into our house back in the days when he was in Japan for months on end. It is actually a patterns magazine from the 1970s, but what makes it different from the patterns magazines I see now is that the patterns are based on almost EVERY page in the magazine - even for the advertisements and feature articles! *__________* Sadly, since we did not realize the value of this magazine, my sisters and I have torn and scribbled over so many pages and even damaged the binding, so much that the title is not known to us anymore. T_T But at least this spread was left untouched, because of its fairy-tale quality in terms of visuals and over-all presentation. It honestly reminds me of Magdalene's commercial (ads) fashion spreads. (Never fear: I shall set to work on scanning the patterns, however please excuse my laziness over cleaning the scans up because I also want to show how dated these actually are. :P)

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Enter the age of innocence.
Portal: minaminoh
Password: telefunken

Enjoy and Happy Holidays. ^_~
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