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† Gothic&Lolita Glamour †'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Southern Lolitas? [11 Apr 2009|11:28pm]

Well, I'm from the South and I was wondering if there were any others in the area..
I live in Mississippi. Does anyone live around that area? I have a tiny Lolita community in my town, but it'd be cool to get new members.

If anyone lives in the South, please join my Southern Lolitas group and leave a comment or send a message.
I'd gladly invite you to our tea parties and other Lolita get-togethers. ^-^

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black make up to much? [11 Apr 2009|09:24pm]

[ mood | confused ]

i love black eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish and i plan on getting black  eye shadow and white face powder. i realize that thats alot of black makeup, but i realy like the way it looks with some lolita stuff. i found pics of lolis with black makeup, including mana, and it looked good, yet its looked down upon. i read before that some lolis want to look like porcelain doll, i being one of them, but when a one asks what kind of make up to do, they say dont wear to much, go natural. dont porcelain dolls have white faces? all this confuses me.. i love to put my own blend into lolita, but the things i add, lolitas get all snooty and say 'no way!' im distressed, and the way other lolis are responding on other sites are kinda putting me down.. i think i need help?

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Pictures / artwork needed for myspace account!! [15 Dec 2008|04:22pm]

Hello darlins! Im currently collecting pictures for my home based business myspace account ( www.myspace.com/cookiesnspiders adding friends is on hold till page is finished.) Its not just about selling my baked goods and candy, but I want to turn it eventually into an ezine, forum, and such. Right now Im just starting slow with myspace (Im more of a word of mouth/ flier type promoter but I figured myspace is a start for ordering).
I want to make Cookies n Spiders a good mental environment to be young at heart. Creepy and cute. Luvvage and cupcakes!

What I wanted is an album kinda describing that. EGL holding baked goods or candy. How about a Sweet Lolita with her pet spider? A little boy in girls clothing making cookies? Were you gothed out at Disney World? GO NUTS and be creative! Can be picture or art form! Maybe you found a spider in your cereal? Can be any form of photography! You will get credit under description of picture :) Ill put your account if you want or selling journal, doesnt matter!!
remember....creepy and cute is what we are aiming for! you can email me at cookies_n_spiders@yahoo.com with picutres and any info!

Sign up for our mailing list at cns_list@yahoo.com

PLEASE add us to your friends on myspace ( www.myspace.com/cookiesnspiders ) and we will add you back when page is almost complete .
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Hey! [05 Feb 2008|04:06pm]

Okay so I saw this comunity and was really hoping for something good! But it seems like its dying and there are alot of unrealted posts. I'm trying my own hand at a similar style community. So please join!
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An interesting hair style [25 May 2007|05:18am]

I'd like to share one of my experiments with you ^__^ it was the first time I've ever attempted putting my hair up in a way that would make sitting in the car with the window down a nightmare!

follow me!Collapse )
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New personal clothing line opening! [07 Mar 2007|05:11pm]

Hi! I wanted to let everyone know that I've opened up a temporary lj site for my new clothing line.

There isn't too much up right now, but I've made a lot of things recently that I need to take pictures of and post them.

I make things from all ranges of styles from gothic, lolita, punk, fruitsy, decora, etc.... Please look at my shop, click the link below!


Be sure to added it to your friends too because I will update more and more!

(x-posted in other communities)
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Garnet : An Introductory Photoshoot [05 Mar 2007|10:23pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everybody my name is Garnet. I live in New York City in the Great US of A and I'm totaly in love with "The Many Ways Of The Lolita."
I've been stalking this place for a while now but I've finaly decided to let some light shine down on the mysterous person which I call myself...
Here below this I have placed one sole photo of me trying out what I call my "Hanamachi Bun" or Flowertown Bun. I'm really sorry that the image is so big...My paint program crashed on me and refuses to start again...Anyway

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[01 Mar 2007|05:40pm]


Rakuen Lolita Item Direct Sales:

category  1  | category  2  | Accessories | Special  Offers ))


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Help [26 Aug 2006|03:19pm]

I really hope this is allowed, delete if it isn't. 

However, I'm doing a project for my English class about Mana and am using the Gothic & Lolita Bible as a reference since I needed one print reference. Does anyone have the printing information such as the publisher, publishing date, editor, and such things? If anyone could please help me, I'd be eternally grateful. 

I had ordered the first volume only for it to be put on back order so now I'm left stranded with a paper due in less than two weeks. Any information or suggestions would be helpful. Thank you.
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New Items! [17 Jul 2006|08:18am]

[ NEW CLOTHING ADDED: Lip Service Quoth the raven coat, Ba-tsu Apron skirt, H.naoto Tank + Towel, Cyberware, Loli and Aristocrat ware! Check our main page for more! ]
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[03 Jul 2006|04:41pm]

I was bored a few days ago and decided to make a background for my myspace.
if you want you all can use it. The picture is from Kera Shop Online. I forget who it is...But I am trying to figure out.

Strawberry PieCollapse )
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Manicure tip ^^ [14 May 2006|12:52am]

For lolis who want prettier nails but don't feel like paying loads of cash on nails:

Nailart how toCollapse )

originally posted at my personal journal.
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looking for extras for Showtime 2006- A Tale of Nonsense, Glitter, and Jrock [24 Apr 2006|01:38pm]

EDIT: shooting is May 7th email me for further updates

We are currently looking for extras for A Clockwork Alice. (mix of A Clockwork Orange and Alice in Wonderland). Filming will either be Friday 4-28 or Sunday 4-30 . It's being filmed at Actors Inc. in Coral Springs, FL. The part involving the extras is for the Mad Hatters tea party :) Fashion and makeup is imporant, we are looking for various Asian styles of youth. From visual to lolita to decora. We are even adding a touch of NY club kid to the scenery. If interested or want more information please get to me ASAP at gothcondork@yahoo.com . This scene will be showing May 20 at Actors Showtime 2006 Awards :)

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Pandora Lulú Online Shop: Lolita Crowns [13 Mar 2006|11:08am]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello Gothic Lolitas!

My name is Desirée, I am from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Europa.

I have recently open my online shop Pandora Lulú where I sell the products I do. Each one of them can be personalized with the colours and materials that you please. I make lolita crowns, coffins boxes and bags, bra bags, felt festens and brooches. Thanks for your attention and long life to Lolitas!!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Kana hair help [05 Feb 2006|12:39pm]


Could anyone help me figure out how to style my hair like Kana in this picture?Collapse )
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Delurking because of an anime... [30 Jan 2006|06:32pm]

I'm sorry I haven't contributed much everyone, what with lack of money, academic activities, cosplay-related business and Spilt Milk to take care of.

For anime-oriented lolitas, I would like to know of your opinions regarding Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma, which will be showing on February as Emma: A Victorian Romance on Animax Philippines (I refuse to call it Animax Asia now seeing as the website has a separate section specifically for the Filipino audiences). Now I know it gothic lolita is more than just being an post-modernization or appropriation of Victorian fashion, but I'll be damned if no one finds anything remotely loli in this anime. ^_~

Many thanks!

+++ Cross-posted to egl, egl_glamour, elegantlolitas, gosurori, jfashion and mili_loli
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Introduction and question [01 Jan 2006|09:35pm]

Okay, first of all hi my name's Holly and obviously since I'm doing an introduction I'm new to the community :P
And now for my question! I figured since so many people have asked questions on haircuts before, I may as well do the same..

My hair is very thick, naturally a mix of curl, wave, and kinkiness. When straightened, it still whooshes out a bit, but only because it's so thick and there's just so much of it! It's a little bit past shoulder length, and would be even longer if it was actually straight and stuff.
As for color it's pretty much brown, with the faintest of natural blonde highlights, and in certain sunlight it looks red.

Now what's the point of this post, you may ask? Well, I don't know what to DO with it! It's so boring, I'll put it in a half ponytail for the day so it isn't so out there but it's still completely boring. Even when I straighten it it's boring. Complete ponytails make no difference, as I used to wear one every day when I was younger and while low ones look horrid on me high ones don't look that much better. I don't want to cut it, because I'm trying to grow it out and it's short enough as is, but I just want to do something to do -- something different! Any suggestions? A certain color, or certain styles I might be able to toy around with that would work well on my hair? I don't have bangs, so even styles in the bibles wouldn't look quite right (all of those girls have perfectly straight bangs). ..Help?
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Hello all, I am _ligaya_, and I most possibly found this community through egl.

I was able to salvage the only surviving magazine my father brought into our house back in the days when he was in Japan for months on end. It is actually a patterns magazine from the 1970s, but what makes it different from the patterns magazines I see now is that the patterns are based on almost EVERY page in the magazine - even for the advertisements and feature articles! *__________* Sadly, since we did not realize the value of this magazine, my sisters and I have torn and scribbled over so many pages and even damaged the binding, so much that the title is not known to us anymore. T_T But at least this spread was left untouched, because of its fairy-tale quality in terms of visuals and over-all presentation. It honestly reminds me of Magdalene's commercial (ads) fashion spreads. (Never fear: I shall set to work on scanning the patterns, however please excuse my laziness over cleaning the scans up because I also want to show how dated these actually are. :P)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Enter the age of innocence.
Portal: minaminoh
Password: telefunken

Enjoy and Happy Holidays. ^_~
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Lovely Blue Gingham Headdress for Sale [28 Nov 2005|04:48pm]

Read more...Collapse )
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direct sale [17 Nov 2005|05:27pm]

Black Lace EGL dress, size 14 and MANY MORE items of different sizes and types, direct saleCollapse )
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