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Manicure tip ^^

For lolis who want prettier nails but don't feel like paying loads of cash on nails:

KangMiNCHAN's nails on her left hand (sorry, my fingers are as ugly as hell-_-)

how to: +_+ Cuz it's fun!
take a picture/pattern/photo from a magazine. I printed these skulls from the PC, but as you can see on my nails, the colours didn't come out as clearly as they should have.


Apply a coat of clear nail polish on the pictures. I personally apply two layers, otherwise it tears too easily afterwards.

3. Dry the nail polish and soak the picture in water.

4. Take it out and carefully peel the back of the picture.
Just rub on the back side of the paper. It should peel off pretty easily, but still be careful as not to tear the picture.

5. You get a thin film of picture. Cut it into a shape of a nail or whatever shape you wish.

6. Apply a thickish coat of nail polish on your nail. Usually clear polishes are better not to screw up the colour (because the film is semi transparent). In my case, I put black nail polish except the middle of the nail so the red skull isn't obscured like my thumb

7. Before the coat dries, quickly paste the film on the coat. Use your fingertip or something else (I use toothpicks XD) to make sure the film is stuck flat on the coat.

8. Leave to dry

9. Apply another coat of clear nail polish to finish off.

10. If you do it well, you'll find it difficult to take it off XD

originally posted at my personal journal.
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