Chani (chani_saint) wrote in egl_glamour,

looking for extras for Showtime 2006- A Tale of Nonsense, Glitter, and Jrock

EDIT: shooting is May 7th email me for further updates

We are currently looking for extras for A Clockwork Alice. (mix of A Clockwork Orange and Alice in Wonderland). Filming will either be Friday 4-28 or Sunday 4-30 . It's being filmed at Actors Inc. in Coral Springs, FL. The part involving the extras is for the Mad Hatters tea party :) Fashion and makeup is imporant, we are looking for various Asian styles of youth. From visual to lolita to decora. We are even adding a touch of NY club kid to the scenery. If interested or want more information please get to me ASAP at . This scene will be showing May 20 at Actors Showtime 2006 Awards :)

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