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black make up to much?

i love black eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish and i plan on getting black  eye shadow and white face powder. i realize that thats alot of black makeup, but i realy like the way it looks with some lolita stuff. i found pics of lolis with black makeup, including mana, and it looked good, yet its looked down upon. i read before that some lolis want to look like porcelain doll, i being one of them, but when a one asks what kind of make up to do, they say dont wear to much, go natural. dont porcelain dolls have white faces? all this confuses me.. i love to put my own blend into lolita, but the things i add, lolitas get all snooty and say 'no way!' im distressed, and the way other lolis are responding on other sites are kinda putting me down.. i think i need help?
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